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With more and more people being diagnosed with Obesity leading on to serious illnesses like Heart diseases, Diabetes and Cancer.  54 Degrees Sport have developed a Fitness workshop trying to promote the benefits of exercise and the positive effects it can have on their body.


The Workshop starts with some cue cards asking the children about different aspects of the body and th effect exercise can have on their body now and in the future.

It then asks What the childrens perspectives of exercise is and is not, ie playing sport, cycling or playing on the computer.

The workshop follows with a circuit class to show what exercise changes their body and a Pilates session which links in Gymnastic balances and shapes.

How do we help our Heart to be strong and healthy?


What happens to our Heart as we exercise?


What risks does our Heart have as we get older?

How do we help our Lungs to work efficiently?


What happens to our Lungs when we exercise?


What risks does our lungs have?

Does exercise effect our Brain function?


Can exercise help with other parts of our lives?



Does exercise make you Happy?


How do you feel Before, During and After play?


Do you play with your friends?




Is this exercise??????




Is this exercise?????

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