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Eden Valley Sports Academy

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Balance Bikes (2-5yrs)

It’s a magical time when your little one first cycles without stabilisers – but balancing, steering and pedalling at the same time can be tricky, so using our special bikes without pedals children can focus on balance and as confidence increases direction. Starting with walking to lifting their feet to coast along children can have fun around our special track. Once they’ve mastered balance a switch to pedals can be made without stabilisers. (Remember your Helmet)

Tots Movie Moves (2-6yrs)


Disney’s unforgettable songs have been captivating children for generations.  Using some of the studio’s classics to introduce your little one to some easy-to-learn dance sequences, to increase their fitness and co-ordination.           (Parent Accompanied)

Little Outlaws (3-5yrs)

For those aspiring little Robin Hoods this fun filled archery session uses purpose built Bows and Arrows for young hands. You’ll learn how to hold, load and shoot the bow and arrow at our themed targets designed to capture their imagination.


Little Musketeers (3-5yrs)

En Garde! Using specially designed foam foils and plastic face masks, your young ones will learn fencing techniques allowing them to safely lunge and parry to their hearts content. All for one and one for all!

                                    Tri Golf (3-5yrs)

Budding Rorys, can learn how to hold a golf club and hit a ball using a putter & chipper through various fun games and exercises. A great way to engage and familiarise youngsters with golf and improve their hand-eye co-ordination.

Tots Tennis (3-5yrs)

Focusing on Hand – Eye Co-ordination your little one can pick up the basics of tennis, using shorter rackets and soft balls our qualified coach will introduce games and exercises to inspire a life –long passion for playing.

Football (3-5yrs)

The focus of our football classes are to have FUN, and through our qualified and enthusiastic coaches the boys and girls will learn valuable concepts such as sharing, taking turns, teamwork and listening.

Tots Cricket (3-5yrs)

Introducing Cricket Skills, your little one can pick up the basics of Cricket, such as Batting, Throwing & Catching. Focusing on Hand – Eye Co-ordination our enthusiastic Instructor will introduce fun games and exercises to inspire a life –long passion for playing. (Parent Accompanied)

Tots Sports Day (3-5yrs)

Let your youngsters get some exercise at our Olympic themed sports day. Children will take part in running, throwing and jumping events, as well as taking part in some of the traditional sports day games. You never know we may discover Britain’s future Olympians.

Mini Crossbows (3-5yrs)

Learn how to hold, load and shoot a mini version of one of the most ancient shooting weapons the Crossbow, at our themed targets designed to capture their imagination.

Parachute Games (3-5yrs)

Parachute games are great fun and encourage cooperative and non-cooperative play. These games are useful in helping develop team play, motor skills, and light physical fitness.

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